The Students for Trees Council

Delivering the Students for Trees programme is our student council - a group of young people from across the UK that all share one thing...a passion for woods and trees! Through Students for Trees, our council are helping to raise awareness of the issues facing woods and trees, and encouraging our members and fellow students to take action. Trees play a huge role in helping us to manage climate change and the biodiversity crises.

Students for Trees aims to mobilise students in their journey to protect and plant trees, by delivering activities and events that you can engage with as an individual or as a Students for Trees Branch.

'Students for Trees is an amazing platform to meet like-minded students and make a positive difference to environment. We hope that by joining Students for Trees you feel empowered to take action for trees and woodlands, and encourage others to do the same!' - 2021-22 Chair of the Students Tree Council, Hazel.

Meet some of our current council members

Name: Hazel

Council member: 2019-2023

Degree: PhD at the University of Leeds Institute for Climate and Atmospheric Sciences

Why do you like being part of the Students for Trees Council?: The council is a wonderful way for me to feel like I am truly having a positive impact on the environment, by encouraging others to protect and plant trees and woodlands.

Supporting organisations


Students' Organising for Sustainability (SOS-UK) is an education charity focusing on sustainability - we know environmental sustainability cannot be achieved in isolation, so our work spans across issues of social justice and wellbeing as well.

SOS-UK help coordinate the student council and support them in their work, you can reach the team via email.

SOS-UK logo

The Woodland Trust

The Woodland Trust is the UK's largest woodland conservation charity with a focus on planting, restoring and protecting trees and woods.

The Woodland Trust are Kindly funding the Students for Trees programme, and will be helping us to deliver a range of activities and events throughout the year.

Students For Trees Council 2022-23