10 ways to get involved with the #BigClimateFightback

March 28, 2022

The Big Climate Fightback is about more than tree planting! So if you missed out on a planting event, or are looking for other ways to appreciate and get involved with  trees, read on for 10 easy ways you can get involved. Here at Students for Trees, we have chosen 5 aspects of tree related actions that we believe are important. We challenge you to try something new this BCF!

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1. Get Outside and Photograph Some Urban Trees!

Spending time in nature is one of the best ways to appreciate the trees around us. How many beautiful trees do you pass each day without noticing? Get outside and really pay attention to these often forgotten trees. Share your photos with us with the hashtag #UrbanTrees and tag @StudentForTreesIf you see a tree that looks incredibly old - see if it's on the Woodland Trust Ancient Tree Inventory! If it isn't you can add it in.

2. Go On A Virtual Urban Tree Trial

Head over to Save Our Trees to go on a virtual tree trail around Northampton. They have created a selection of urban tree trails – so you can explore interesting urban trees. The trails range from 15-45 minutes long and will take you through a plethora of majestic species. You can even contact them directly and tell them which locations you'd like to see tree trails produced for!


3. Map Your Local Trees on Curio

Curio provides the platform for a global citizen science effort to produce better habitat maps of local areas. By adding your local trees to the map, you can help contribute to the monitoring of ecosystems around you! So far 2.5 million trees have been logged, could yours be the next? Head to Curio to get mapping.

4. Contribute to the Woodland Trust's 'Nature's Calendar'  

Nature's Calendar asks citizen scientists to record how our environment changes through the year. Seen your first butterfly of spring? Has a bush in your garden begun to flower? Add it to the calendar to help us further understand the influence of climate change on species and ecosystems. The recording process is extremely simple - head to Nature's Calendar to check it out.


5. Go Forest Bathing

Forest Bathing is a translation of the Japanese phrase shinrin-yoku. The concept is to spend quiet, reflective time in nature to calm your mind and appreciate natural beauty. Simply head toy our nearest 'natural' spot, somewhere you will feel at peace. This doesn't have to be a forest! It could be a park, a garden, ora mountain! The recommended time is 2 hours, but a little goes a long way. Remember to turn off your phone and allows yourself to relax. Head to the National Trust website for more info.

6. Bake a Vegan Apple Crumble

Let's appreciate our native fruit trees! For this warming recipe you will need bramley apples (or any native apples), sugar, plain flour, rolled oats and dairy-free spread. It takes only 30 minutes to prep, but the joy is infinite! For the full recipe head over to the BBC Good Food for a yummy recipe. Remember, don't be worried to substitute alternate ingredients! Oh, and we recommend adding cinnamon powder!


7. Learn to identify different trees from their leaves

The Natural History Museum's tree guide is a great place to start identifying different tree species.  See if you can begin to learn a few each week. Could you challenge yourself to take it with you on a walk, identifying all the trees you see along the way?

8. Spot the Following March-Flowering Plants/Trees

As they say, 'Spring has sprung'! We challenge you to identify one plant or tree from the following 4 categories:
1. Pear Trees
2. Violets/Pansies
3. Primroses
4. Wych Elm flowers and fruit

Tree Guide UK can help you identify what these may look like. Can you manage to get all 4? Share your pictures with us on social media!


9. Join the Woodland Trust's Canopy Cover Marathon

Forest Research are working on creating a map of the UK's canopy cover. In 2016, 283 towns and cities in England were assessed  as part of a baseline study. It's now easier than ever for you to get involved - on April 9th Woodland Trust will be running a joint webinar to get as many people as possible assessing canopy cover on the same day! Register now.


10. Hug a tree... we're not kidding

The Big Climate Fightback is about  protecting, enhancing and appreciating the trees around us. There is no action 'too small', by going outside and hugging your favourite tree, admiring it, or photographing it, you have participated in the BCF as much as anyone else. The BCF is for everyone! Do what makes you, and the trees around you, feel good.

Make sure you tag us, and @woodlandtrust and @sosukcharity/@sosuk_charity on Twitter/Instagram with the hashtag #BigClimateFightbackto share your involvement!